Welcome to Mount Vernon Chapter NSDAR

The Mount Vernon Chapter was organized May 13, 1893, on the piazza at Mount Vernon, home of George Washington. Miss Susan Riviere Hetzell DAR Recognized Sitewas the organizing regent. We are the third-oldest chapter in the Commonwealth of Virginia and the oldest chapter in District V, which covers northern Virginia. 

The Mount Vernon Chapter is a diverse group of women ranging in ages from 20s to 90s. All Daughters share a common bond in that an ancestor(s) served as a patriot in the American Revolutionary War. We are dedicated to patriotism, education, and historic preservation. Chapter members are involved in community projects with students, veterans, and new citizens to the northern Virginia area. 

We welcome your inquiries and hope you’ll navigate our website to learn more about the Mount Vernon Chapter, NSDAR. For more information on the Daughters of the American Revolution or the Mount Vernon Chapter, please contact the chapter regent.

Mount Vernon 1893

The piazza at Mount Vernon, home of George Washington,

where the Mount Vernon Chapter, National Society Daughters of the American Revolution

was organized on May 13, 1893.

Chapter Motto: "For Home and Country"

Chapter Colors: Blue and White